Do Your Taxes for Free with Turbo Tax

Posted by Dave W. | Thursday, January 08, 2009 | ,, 0 comments |

One of my best friends pays a couple hundred bucks to H&R Block every year for a simple return she could do herself but I can't seem to talk her into it as she believes the "professionals" can get her more money back.  I have even offered to do her taxes for her, to no avail.

Turbo Tax is now offering free Federal tax preparation and filing online at their website for simple returns.   If you have no itemized deductions such as a renter or someone still living at home, this is a great way to save on tax preparation fees.  Even with more complicated returns, you can still prepare your return online to see where you stand and pay when you file.  Free e-file is included on all tax preparation packages.   They even give you audit support for free.  Once you are done your federal return, the info can be transferred to your state return and filed as well (for an additional fee).  

Now if I could only get my friend to be a little more computer literate, she might go for it...