Cutting the Wires?

Posted by Dave W. | Sunday, February 17, 2008 | , 0 comments |

My wife and I recently upgraded our cellphones with Verizon to the LG VX8550 (new Chocolate). After 3+ years, it was time to upgrade; I had already went through 2 used phones after losing my LG VX6000 and my wife had no reception inside our house. Which is why we are with Verizon…T-Mobile and Sprint don’t work in our house and Nextel phones just annoy me. That being said, reception is much better in our house with both phones; rarely do our calls go right to voice mail without ringing and I don’t get that “Warning-No Service Available” when I make a call.  Plus, with my new every two plan and a buy one get one deal, the phones were free, which is the right price for me.

So, here’s my I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to just disconnecting our home line altogether, which would save us between $35-$40/month. The base rate for my package is $32.99/month. I have a bundle package through Verizon so I would lose some discounts but also wouldn’t have to pay the 15 different types of taxes and fees either. In addition, most people call my wife and I on our cellphones anyway (at least anyone we actually want to talk to and some we don’t). My concern would be going over my minutes; we have a shared plan with 1400 minutes and come pretty close to that number, mainly because of my job. I do have a Skype phone, but need to renew my SkypeOut plan. $36 per year isn’t bad to save about the same amount per month. I think it’s just an emotional thing at this point. Having a landline for all my life, I just can’t “cut the wires” so to speak.