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Posted by Dave W. | Thursday, December 18, 2008 | 0 comments |

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted lately, I have busy with the day job and my laptop crashed (literally, my dog knocked it off the table and broke the screen).  My goal is to be back to having one post per day by the beginning of next year.  I'm not going to call it a "resolution", because we all know most resolutions are broken by the middle of January!  And yes, there will be posts before then, in the meantime, here are some to keep you busy:

Ramit at I Will Teach You To Be Rich has just launched a $2500 scholarship for "social innovation".  The award, according to Ramit, can be used for a special project, service initiative, starting a company, creating a community organization, or any other entrpreneurial venture that scales to help others.  Also, you have to be in your twenties to be eligible.  Leaves me out, thanks Ramit, where were you 15 years ago?  

Trent at The Simple Dollar writes about The Two-Career Assumption, the dilemma where both parents are basically forced to work to make ends meet.  As a parent with a stay-at-home wife, this post definitely hit home as it is very much a challenge on a few fronts, not just financially.

And since I talked about goals earlier, Glblguy has posted his 2009 goals at Gather Little By Little.  

Until my next post, happy reading!